How Did I Catch a Cold? I’M A HEALTH COACH.

My intention of this blog is to explain how you can be eating clean, yet still not be entirely healthy and how you can change that.

Ooookay! So for the last few days, I totally struggled with a baby cold. It wasn’t tragic or anything, but it was undeniably not good! I just started to lose my voice and sneeze literally about 20 times per day.






It was especially tragic while driving…


BUT! It made me realize, oh my gosh! I NEVER get sick! What is going on?? So, obviously I saw a huge need in some self-analyzing. I mean, I’m a health coach! How in the world could I get sick (or sick-ish. I didn’t have a fever or anything)?? There’s clearly something I’m missing.

So, after a while of research, as well as prayer, I realized 2 things that could be seriously affecting my once beautiful immune system.

1. Stress


So first let’s address number one: Stress.



I actually don’t feel stressed out. Yeah, I have a ton on my plate, but who doesn’t, right? I’m sure just about every single person reading this would say, “Yeah, join the club!”. So this isn’t about who has more to do or who should and shouldn’t be stressed out, because that honestly is completely and totally irrelevant.

It’s about how you handle the amount of stress you do have. I know myself, and I know that this is something I’ve struggled with my entire life.

By the age of 17, I had had both an ulcer, and Bell’s Palsy. As you may know, both of these are activated by high amounts of stress. Does that mean that I was more stressed than anyone else? I’m not saying that. I’m saying that I had no idea how to handle stress! And I feel that it’s possible that I’m slipping back into the old habits! My problem is that I never feel stressed, possibly because I’ve gotten used to it, I don’t know! But when I start to get too busy to do my pilates, read a book, walk the dog, or take a relaxing bath, then the stress in my body builds up, because I’m doing nothing to release it.

So! The weather stopped me from walking outside as much, and taking on too many responsibilities prohibited me from doing my pilates, which is full of deep breaths and stretching, which are amazing for de-stressing your body, even when you’re not totally coherent of the results.

yoga cat


Hah! Pretty much…

Moving on to Number Two: Sugar.

Okay so clearly I’m a health nut, so I’m not sitting here eating Tollhouse Cookies and Poptarts, but am I still eating too much sugar? Everything I eat is 100% natural! The only ‘sugar’ I consume is honey! But wait…that’s pure sugar. It may be completely natural, but IT’S STILL SUGAR. Okay…am I eating other things with sugar? Yeah, I eat my wholesome dairy-free, nut-free, soy-free chocolate chips! But wait… those have 7g of sugar PER TABLESPOON! (Who only eats a tablespoon?…I mean, really.) Okay so those are both ‘sweet’ items, so it doesn’t really take a genius to figure those out, right? So I started reading everything! Turns out, too many things had sugar in them (some naturally, some added with an all-natural sweetener ie: honey). For example, my spaghetti sauce. I don’t buy the known brands, I bought an organic, all-natural one! So, of course, it didn’t contain any nasty artifical preservatives, additives, fillers, or even pesticides! BUT it had some organic sugar added to it. What…the heck.

annoyed cat


I was upset. That’s 8g of sugar that ninja-ed its way into my healthy and organic spaghetti squash spaghetti!!!

Plus I eat fruit, greek yogurt, and granola for breakfast nearly every day! The fruit is low-sugar fruits like blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries, so those are okay because they’re way nutrient dense compared to the little amount of sugar in them. But the yogurt… that’s lactose which is still a type of sugar (believe it or not – note the ‘-ose’ at the end), and my granola is some of the lowest sugar granolas, but it still contains 10g per serving! So as you can see, this drastically adds up. I had no idea.


So, in conclusion, I’m going to drop the sweet concoctions that I eat every night (even though they’re all-natural), and start substituting my breakfast for something else, or at least taking away the greek yogurt and cutting back on the granola. I already found a new spaghetti sauce that has less than 1g of sugar in it, but this girl is about to be a sugar detective! And those of you that know me, know that nearly everything I eat, leans on the sweet side. So I’m going to be implementing a LOT of changes…. I’m less than enthused, but I got this!


Hah! Anywho…

This little mishap has definitely inspired me to educate everyone on the crap that comes with a sugar-y diet! And yes, a high-carb diet is pretty much the same (depending on your choice of carbs.)

Sugar makes your skin dry and wrinkly, causes you to gain weight (regardless of your caloric intake), kills your immune system, kills your memory, and a ton of other things.

My following blogs are all going to be about this bitter-sweet truth!



Until then… Eat clean. Laugh a lot. Pray always.




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