Announcement! First Friday Freeday

I have an announcement! Everyone freeze!!!!


I have an announcement! You’re getting a completely and totally FREE blessing placed in your lap!
Happy cat2

I know! So… This is the beginning of an ongoing special! It’s called First Friday Freeday becaaaaause on the first Friday of each month, I’ll give out free health advice! You’re free to email me with any question you have regarding health and I’ll respond within that same week with some advice!

 happy cat3

I know, right?! And yes! Totally free! And it starts THIS Friday (December 6th).  So if you’ve had any pending questions and wanting to ask a professional, but maybe you didn’t want to pay $50 -$100 to do it, well, now’s your chance!

Happy cat

Rules: This is for email only. You have from 12am-11:59pm on the first Friday of each month. Any emails submitted before or after that time period will be omitted from this special. 

You may now proceed with your day… 😉